Mining industry

Industrial explosives play an important role in the mining and construction industries. URALCHEM products are used as main and auxiliary oxidants in the production of most types of explosives.
Calcium nitrate
  • additional oxidizer for explosives
  • coagulant in the production of latex rubber and latex
  • products
  • raw materials for the chemical industry
  • high product purity
  • versatility of use
Sodium nitrate
  • for the production of azo and diazo compounds as components for the production of chemical building blocks
  • gas generating additive for explosives
  • production of azo dyes
  • for bleaching natural fibers
  • corrosion inhibitor
  • as an auxiliary for rubber production as a hardener, accelerator, and antiozonant
  • allows to obtain chemical products of high purity
  • reduced production cost
Sodium nitrite
  • gas generating additive for explosives
  • cold phosphating accelerator
  • component for chemical treatment of metals and alloys
  • component for cleaning baths for aluminum alloy
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