Uralchem will process phosphogypsum
Within the framework of SPIEF, URALCHEM signed an agreement aimed at solving the problems of the accumulation of phosphogypsum - a by-product of the production of phosphate fertilizers at Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers - located in dumps in the city of Voskresensk (Moscow Region). By processing from phosphogypsum, a concentrate of rare earth elements is isolated on an industrial scale.
Calcium nitrate confirms its effectiveness in oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan
At the end of 2018, pilot testing of calcium nitrate produced by the KCKK branch at the Karatyube-Burbaital oil and gas field in the Atyrau region, Kazakhstan was successfully completed.

Since the launch of the project for the production of calcium nitrate in 2013, the product has established itself as a high-quality and technological reagent for the preparation of heavy well-killing fluids and drilling fluids, as well as an effective tool for combating sulfate-reducing bacteria on offshore oil and gas platforms. In Kazakhstan, the reagent was used in a new quality for itself - as a component of the displacement fluid during hydraulic fracturing.

This technology makes it possible to "revive" idle wells, where oil or gas production by traditional methods is no longer possible or unprofitable. The purpose of using a displacement fluid is to inject proppant (a special granular material) into the formation to wedge cracks. The proppant remains in the reservoir and contributes to an increase in the permeability of the oil and gas reservoir, increasing the flow rate of the well.

"During the pilot work, 210 m3 of displacement fluid with a density of 1.44 g / cm3 was prepared and injected into a well 6750 m deep with a reservoir pressure of 1350 atmospheres," explains Anton Shishkin, Industrial Applications Manager of the Development Directorate, who accompanied these tests at the facility. "The use of calcium nitrate in such deep wells has become a serious challenge for our reagent. And he did not let us down. "
Specialists of the service companies "Asker Munai" LLP and "Schlumberger" LLP have confirmed the success of using a calcium nitrate solution as a displacement fluid.

"Not a single customer will agree to use reagents that have not been worked out in the field at their enterprise," said Tatyana Rozarenova, head of the department of joint businesses and product development. - A series of pilot tests carried out in the period 2014-2018 paved the way for our product to such energy giants as Rosneft, Gazpromneft. This made it possible to provide the plant for the production of calcium nitrate with loading for many years to come. Expanding the scope of application of calcium nitrate in the oil and gas industry is one of the important factors in assessing the prospects for increasing production capacity. "

Calcium nitrate confirms its effectiveness in oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan
URALCHEM started selling feed urea
In April 2018, a pilot transaction took place to sell the first fodder urea registered in Russia, produced at the PMU branch of URALCHEM JSC in Perm. The buyer was one of the largest livestock farms in the Siberian Federal District, which makes high demands on the purity and quality of the product.

More than two million tons of urea is used annually in the world for feed purposes. This allows livestock breeders not only to increase milk yield and achieve an increase in live weight, but also to reduce feed costs by an average of 10-15%. This worldwide practice is just beginning to spread in Russia.

Urea of the PMU branch is produced according to the Japanese TEC technology and surpasses analogues in purity. The content of biuret harmful to animals in it is much lower than allowed by GOST - less than 0.5% instead of the permitted 3%. In 2017, URALCHEM's Perm urea successfully passed the toxicological examination at the International Research Center for Human, Animal Health and the Environment, and was recognized as non-toxic and safe for use.
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