Chemical industry

We place great emphasis on standards for the purity and quality of our products, which allows our technical salts to be used in many chemical processes.
Calcium nitrate
  • additional oxidizer for explosives
  • coagulant in the production of latex rubber and latex products
  • raw materials for the chemical industry
Sodium nitrite untreated
  • for the production of azo and diazo compounds as components for the production of chemical building blocks
  • production of azo dyes
  • for bleaching natural fibers
  • corrosion inhibitor
  • as an auxiliary for rubber production as a hardener, accelerator, and antiozonant
  • allows to obtain chemical products of high purity
  • reduced production cost
Potassium nitrate
  • for the production of black powder and special pyrotechnic mixtures
  • as a storage component in formulations for storing thermal energy in solar installations
  • provides high quality products
  • high heat capacity of storage solution
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